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Manakeep 728x90
(Jul 25, 2017)
So today at Seri's house: Seri-0 bread knife-1
(Jul 25, 2017)
Damn. Gonna miss tonight cuz of work -_-
(Jul 25, 2017)
\o/ happy to hear it Doseki! RP night is at 5 server tommarow. hope you can make it.
(Jul 25, 2017)
Well not sure if anyone caught me online last night but for a bit I am back in-game. So good news there.
(Jul 23, 2017)
Thanks! Hopefully I can get a little more up soon
(Jul 22, 2017)
Loving your stories btw, Seri !
(Jul 21, 2017)
No worries Seri. Hope you have fun!. :)
(Jul 20, 2017)
I'll be scarce while my friend is in town this weekend
(Jul 10, 2017)
Remeber everyone! - This week we will be doing Black Temple TW for the Friday night raid!
(Jul 09, 2017)
No worries Ryu. We understand. :(
(Jul 09, 2017)
Sorry everyone for not being around. Game time expired and no cash for a renewal. Car bills sapping my bank.
(Jul 07, 2017)
Man I really want them to break the faction language barrier already. Wish I could bring my belf DH to RP night.
(Jul 07, 2017)
Tomatoes were actually all pulled out. And it's too late to start more.
(Jul 06, 2017)
You have Garlic and tomatoes now, Maybe something like sweet or hot onions, oregano etc. so you can make Pasta sauce fresh from the garden?
(Jul 06, 2017)
What else should I plant?!
(Jul 04, 2017)
In light of the holiday, tonight's structured RP is canceld. Feel free to strike up with others in-game tonight, though!
(Jul 01, 2017)
we're pack creature :(
(Jun 29, 2017)
I hate going to cities >.> In the age of the internet, drones, driverless cars, et al... are we really still such cavemen that we have to live in one big cluster to protect ourselves from other tribes??? /endrant
(Jun 23, 2017)
Outstanding work in Tomb tonight guys! We went in planning to down four bosses, and we got'em! <3
(Jun 15, 2017)
Pancake RP is best RP.