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Manakeep 728x90
(Aug 07, 2018)
I love all of Margie's things in her profile. You're so creative and talented!
(Jul 17, 2018)
Happy patch day
(Jun 01, 2018)
*hisses and shakes water off like a dog*
(May 31, 2018)
*sprays druids with water and gets lint brush* *tidies shoutbox*
(May 16, 2018)
What's crappenin, robbie
(May 11, 2018)
(May 11, 2018)
*sleeps of Shoutbox in cat form*
(May 10, 2018)
*comes by in stag form; eats flowers*
(May 09, 2018)
"This is why we can't have nice things." *sighs* *ties garland made of fresh flowers to the ends of the arrows*
(May 08, 2018)
*puts an arrow through each of the orc skull's eyes* Getting closer.
(May 06, 2018)
*walks by shoutbox* Oh this is lovely. *replaces vase with a hollowed out orc skull vase* Perfect.
(May 04, 2018)
*walks by shoutbox* Wow, this is nicer than I remember. :)
(May 03, 2018)
*cleans dusty shoutbox, adds feminine touches and floral scents to mask the deader smells*
(Mar 20, 2018)
Good writes all! Good indeed :)
(Feb 18, 2018)
Thanks for having us tonight, elf friends!
(Feb 18, 2018)
Thanks to everyone for coming out to the Lunar Festival party!
(Jan 15, 2018)
Well done on downing Argus, everyone!! We are not full clear ^-^
(Dec 26, 2017)
All the RP feels <3
(Dec 25, 2017)
Merry holiday season friends!