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About KC (OOC)

<Kalimdor Collective> is a different perspective on an Alliance Kalimdor-based guild with no race restrictions; rather, we work together for the aid and support of all Kalimdor-based and Kalimdor-interested people, regardless of affiliation.

IC, this is not a strictly-structured military guild built for training and fighting, but a loosely-structured group of capable citizens who have the ability and desire to help others of Kalimdor and beyond. We can most likely make your concept fit; if you have an idea, we will try to find a place for it.


EST and CST-based
  • Events scheduled no later than 7:00 ST (and usually at 5:00-6:00 ST)
  • Most active in EDT and CDT evenings and weekends!

The usual guild & group activities
  • Raid team
  • Noncompetitive and competitive PvP (grab your sword and fight the Horde!)
  • Guild Mythic 5-man dungeons
  • Transmog runs
  • Other things as requested/when they crop up

Adult players preferred
  • Older players/couples/those who work days jobs/etc welcome to join
  • Drama- and hate-speech-free environment

  • Scheduled RP events once per week
  • Freeform RP encouraged in the in-between, but not required
  • Events will be a mixture of social, cultural, and adventure/combat
  • We RP through current game content!

Our website is a big part of how we communicate on a day-to-day basis and a place where art, short stories, and open forum RP are all welcome. We also make use of a Discord for chatting, sharing ideas, and the like.

Lastly, we function as a family: We are not looking for tons of new members just to buff numbers; we're looking for people to laugh with, PvX with, RP with, and generally enjoy our WoW time with. Quality over quantity!

For more information, please see our Rules and FAQ.