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About KC (OOC)
First and foremost:
Absolutely everyone who comes into Kalimdor Collective comes in through our application process. There are no exceptions. Friends of members, as well as spouses and/or significant others, all must put in an application that will be judged individually. We do not overlook a lack attitude given to filling out the application under the assumption because you know "X" or "Y" member that will be automatically accepted.

This said, we do consider what a current member may have to say about you, so do not be afraid to list them as a "referral" of sorts - just do not think it will be your "guaranteed in".

Level restrictions?
Currently we require a minimum level of 20(negotiable). The reasoning for this that many have made new characters, fell in love with them and became enthusiastic, and apply at low levels. Then after leveling burn-out, decide to no longer play said character, and we never hear from them again.

Another reason is that we RP all over the game world(s), and phasing as well as zone levels can cause hardship with RP.


We are an equal-opportunity guild and welcome all adult players regardless of gender, sexual orientation, level of RP or game experience, location, and/or anything else. In short: we don’t discriminate.

Absolutely no hate speech of any sort is tolerated.
  • This includes rape jokes, sexual orientation jokes, serious name-calling, and anything else that may be considered hateful.
  • Consequences will depend on severity. Any name-calling or speech with the purpose of hatefully hurting a guildmate and/or maliciously making a guildmate uncomfortable will result in immediate removal.

Absolutely no trolling. We just starve 'em, anyway.
  • This includes /guild chat and other in-game channels. Please remember: you represent the whole guild!
  • Consequences will depend on severity, up to and including removal.

Help prevent forest fires: keep gossip and drama to a minimum.
  • If you have an issue with a guildmate, please talk it out with that guildmate privately. DO NOT use /g. It only makes everyone else uncomfortable and ruins an open, fun atmosphere.
  • If for whatever reason you’re unable to come to an agreement with them, or are unable to talk with them, approach leadership as neutral mediation. We’re a last resort, and will stay neutral. We should all be able to handle ourselves like adults.

Negativity gives us a case of nope-itis.
  • If you are unhappy with something, fix it.
  • If you cannot fix it yourself, and it is guild-related, speak privately with someone from leadership. Do not bring it up in /g. Do not constantly whine to other members. Put on your big boy/girl pants and behave like an adult.
  • Toxic personalities are absolutely not tolerated and will be removed, with or without warning.
  • If you are always unsatisfied, no matter the guild, and know you're a constant complainer, look elsewhere--or we will ask you to.

We can't create your fun for you.
  • We don't do well with entitlement mentality. It is assumed you play the game because you enjoy playing the game, and that you join the guild to congregate with like-minded RPers and players, not because you want people to spoon-feed you activities and RP.
  • We will schedule as much as we get activity for. If you want more activity, be more active so that we know you're willing to come out for things.
  • If there are activities, RP or otherwise, that you would like to see that are not currently being scheduled, speak to leadership! Most likely we can accommodate the idea, or at the very least allow you to host it. It's all collaborative.
  • I'd like to reiterate: regular members are absolutely allowed to host RP and activities.

Lore (for RP):

We do have parameters surrounding lore, and we do ask that you have a reasonable grasp of *official lore*, but you do not have to be an encyclopedia.

  • We follow all game and racial lore and all current in-game events. For more information on guild canon, give this a peek.
  • If you’re not sure about something, ask!
  • We will tolerate a bit of lore-stretching, but absolutely no lore-shredding. The determination between the two is up to leadership and the person involved. If you’re not sure if something crosses a line, reach out to leadership.
  • Lore titles (Archdruid. Shadow Hunter, Archmage, Highlord, Military Ranks such as General, etc): There is nothing wrong in wanting your character to stand out. However, we can't have seven Archmages in one place. If you plan to use a title such as this, please back it up heavily in your application. We allow them, but not just because.


Because we’re a guild of adult players and we understand how busy life can be,we will only remove someone after one year of inactivity of all kinds, not either. (For instance, if you are active on the forums but not in-game, that is not considered inactivity. It most be across all our platforms of communication for exactly one year.)
    *If you return from inactivity and wish to be in the guild again, please ask an officer.



  • General good advice for life. Pretty much everything falls under this. If you don’t want someone else to treat you the way you’re treating others, then stop what you’re doing.
  • I hate reminding people of this. If I have to remind you of it very often, you may need to find a different guild.

How long has Kalimdor Collective been around?
KC was started in August/September of 2014 during the lead-up to WoW's Warlords of Draenor expansion. Since then we have taken one 6-month hiatus due to mass WoD burnout, and come back stronger than before.

We plan on rolling with WoW for the foreseeable future, continuing to RP, PvX, and create a cozy, welcoming WoW family for those who are looking for one.

Alt policy?
We prefer that you join KC on your main character.

Once you've joined, alts are welcome, as we are well acquainted with what it's like to be a serial altoholic.

Alts will not be kicked if you never play them, but if you become Inactive, your alts will also be demoted to Inactive rank and eventually removed.

In RP:

Alts are welcome IC, as well, as long as you inform someone from leadership about it ahead of time.

Alts do not have to be IC to be in the guild, and do not require a separate application at any time.

Class restrictions?
There are none.

In RP:
If you are playing a possibly lore-bending or "evil" class or character type in a ridiculous way, we reserve the right to deny your application. Ain't nothin' personal, and we'll try to work it out to make you fit, but sometimes it just won't work.

What if my application is rejected? Can I apply again?
Please never take it personally if your application is rejected. Sometimes we give a concrete reason, and other times it just doesn't feel like a fit, but it is never something to take personally--it's only a video game, after all! It does not mean we don't like you or that we think you're a sub-par roleplayer, it only means that you or your character would not fit snugly into the guild based on the application you've provided to us--and that's not fair to us, or to you, either.

If your application has been rejected and you still feel interested in KC, you are free to put in another application, with the same character or a different one, at a later date. Do not simply copy/paste your previous app.


We require using a "Flag" AddOn of some kind, which uses the MSP to convey IC character information to others. For example: TRP, MRP, or XRP.

For heavy PvE, we encourage use of:
*DBM (mandatory if you wish to Raid with us.)
*For healing, a good healing mod (Vuhdo, Healbot, Grid, etc)

Voice server? available only for members for use in PvE and PvP.

Currently we use Discord.

How often do you RP?
We schedule guild-based RP once per week at most frequent and attendance is never mandatory.

Freeform and personal RP is always encouraged in the in-between.

How do I deal with this idiot?
Sometimes, you come across the lovechild of Arthas and Maiev who's also part orc and a demonhunter--and plays a melee mage.

It just... happens.

KC should be an environment that supports gameplay, creativity, and RP of all sorts. If you come across gameplay or RP that is questionable in any way, please do your best to be respectful. Feel free to respectfully remove yourself from the situation if necessary.

However, please, under no circumstances be abusive or harass another player for their decisions. While we choose lore-compliance and standard gameplay, there are players who do not and they have a right to play and to RP peacefully. If you choose to troll, grief, or harass another player out-of-guild in a way that reflects poorly on the guild overall, you may well be removed.

What happens if I leave the guild and then decide I want to return?
There are two big scenarios at play here, and we handle them all differently.

1. You leave the guild because you'd rather pursue other in-game interests.
Sometimes it's a different character, a different guild, a different faction, or a different style of play that takes you elsewhere. Understand that we encourage you to play where you're having fun, so never hesitate to go elsewhere if that's what you want to do.

When you leave KC, you are demoted to a Friends rank on the website, meaning you may still participate in our forums and read what's going on.

If you joined and were around long enough to be made a full Member rank, you may rejoin the guild without a new application for the same character you were formerly a Member on, within three months, give or take a span of time at leadership's discretion.

2. You leave the guild because you had a disagreement with someone / ragequit over a raid or pvp / other emotional decision; or, you were removed from the guild for freely ignoring rules. We always hate to see this, and thankfully it's extremely rare.

If you've left KC on bad terms, you are entirely removed from the website.

In these cases, to rejoin you are required to submit a new application. Depending on the situation, past transgressions may or may not be held against you in a court of--wait, er... In all seriousness, if it seems like this sort of situation will keep happening, we reserve the right to deny your new app.

(c) 2014, revised 12/2015; 2/2016 by EJ; 3/2018 by T