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Recruitment is currently OPEN.

Before applying, please take a look at these--they will answer your questions!

You can check out our rules and our FAQ here!

You can see what we do and do not consider RP canon here!!

You can read our history and guild lore and canon here!

What happens once I join?
  • Once you’re a member, you will go through a two week trial period. During this trial you will not be restricted from any sort of involvement. It is primarily for us to make a final decision on your membership based on your activity, both OOC and IC.
  • Once the trial period is over, you will be promoted to a full member rank.
  • You may add alts at any time, and as many as you’d like. They will be marked with the name of your main character in the Notes section.
  • Alts do not need a separate application.

What if my application is rejected? Can I apply again?
Please never take it personally if your application is rejected. Sometimes we give a concrete reason, and other times it just doesn't feel like a fit, but it is never something to take personally--it's only a video game, after all! It does not mean we don't like you or that we think you're a sub-par roleplayer, it only means that you or your character would not fit snugly into the guild based on the application you've provided to us--and that's not fair to us, or to you, either.

If your application has been rejected and you still feel interested in KC, you are free to put in another application, with the same character or a different one, at a later date. Do not simply copy/paste your previous app.

No more questions? Great! Feel free to click APPLY in the upper right-hand corner!