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About KC (OOC)

The Kalimdor Collective was was commissioned by the Alliance as a joint venture between the House of Wrynn, the Sisterhood of Elune, and the Hand of Argus, toward the tail end of the Alliance’s Pandaria campaign to be a unified, multiracial militia in Kalimdor; to protect and defend the lands held and pursued by all Allied Kalimdorian peoples; and to be a backup force for aid when needed.

Originally presented to the Sisterhood in order to hand Command to one of their lesser leaders, Theleste Moonraven was chosen and reluctantly agreed to take the reins and attempt to both lead a militia of capable citizens, and to begin to build a more diverse and multiracial library than currently existed on Kalimdor. She chose a war-veteran Gilnean, Wardell Barker, to be second in command, and gathered a motley group of people eager to learn and be a part of this new idea.

Campaign Through Draenor

Within the first weeks of creation, the few that willingly signed up were put through very basic training to gauge potential for combat and triage. Before training could complete, however, the Collective received their first orders: the Iron Horde was pouring through the Dark Portal, and the Alliance needed help. Despite the fact it was not on Kalimdor, their assistance, as well as that of every available army and militia on Azeroth, was requested.

And so, unanimously eager and up to the task, the Kalimdor Collective gathered as many basic supplies as they could find and boarded a boat from Rut’Theran to Stormwind, and from the human city made their way on foot to the Blasted Lands.

The fighting in the Blasted Lands was successful, and, encouraged, several members of the Collective volunteered to go with the Alliance vanguard as the first forces through the portal. For however successful the fighting in Azeroth had been, the battle in the unknown land beyond the portal was a failure. The portal was destroyed to save Azeroth, and the vanguard were marooned in a strange land. Many members of the Collective were unready and overwhelmed; the Collective forces were split up, most running from orcs rather than fighting, and many injured in the wake.

Miraculously, after nearly two weeks of running, hiding, and fighting for their lives, several members of the Collective managed to find one another on the banks of the sea outside of the jungle where the portal had dropped them, injured and entirely unaware of their location. Confused and looking for answers, they relied on the kindness and hospitality of local draenei to assist with their wounds and provide them food, and within days’ time they found out that many more members of the Alliance had also been stranded on the land they’d learned was, apparently, Draenor.

The Collective spent valuable time in a nearby village called Elodor, regrouping and healing. There, they were able to find every surviving member of the Collective and regroup with the Alliance; they mourned a fallen comrade, and tried to make sense out of their current location. Together as a team once again, they remained true to their mission; a base was built, and work was done to assist the local draenei from the fel and Iron Horde forces that pressed upon them.

The Collective was successful in their endeavors. Though clumsy and still somewhat unprepared, for many months they managed to keep fel out of this strange, lush Shadowmoon Valley and assisted with Alliance forces in Talador. Their efforts were fruitful; upon discharge from Draenor, the Collective was awarded commendation from the Alliance for their bravery and work, and allowed to return to Azeroth, where a much-needed rest period kept them dormant for a time.

Campaign Through Feralas

The fighting in Draenor has not ceased, and many Alliance forces stay deployed there. One such force are the kaldorei Sentinels.

Their numbers depleted by the fighting abroad, the Sentinels at Feathermoon have far fewer now to safeguard their own base and keep their lands clean and protected. The aid of the Collective was requested in Feralas, to cull the threats that loom there and reinforce the small Sentinel army that remains.

After months of enjoying quiet city life and personal ambitions, the Collective relocated to Feathermoon, where they planned to work until the Sentinels no longer need their aid. The membership had changed, with some of the Collective having stayed in Draenor and others pursuing other interests, but the ideals remained the same: aid and protection for all Kalimdorian lands and Allied people.

Working through Feralas, the Collective provided immeasurable aid to the Sentinels in the form of cleanup, supply runs, and other duties that they simply did not have the numbers to fulfill. Their work led them to some interesting findings, however, inside ogre compounds and in Highborne ruins, which led to injuries, ambitions, and the awakening of a corruption that would veer the Collective's path for the indefinite future.

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