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About KC (OOC)
Guild Canon

The bits and pieces of handling day-to-day RP and story, collected over the time we’ve been RPing together.

Canon on lore…
We consider any officially confirmed lore canon. By official, we mean that it has been confirmed by Blizzard. This does include events that happen in the game itself, as well as the official novels.This does not include the tabletop RPG books (though we do not condemn ideas from the books universally; Read ahead for more on this.)

Things such as "fan-canon" or "realm canon" are not considered lore to us. There are some exceptions to this on small areas (i.e. a "kaldorei calendar"), but these tend to be elements that would not have a major rippling effect through the game's lore - for example, considering/calling Elune a Loa or that she has a "Shadow side". These sorts of fan interpretations on major game NPCs and magics have no basis in anything confirmed by Blizzard, and thus are not considered canon by us.

Concerning "headcanon", as per individual - we understand that in the course of making up a character there are some small hurdles, that seem insignificant in the long run, that some wish to overlook to play the sort of character they wish. At the same time, some people may want to assume small cultural or family-line elements to help flesh out their character. These sort of things we can generally work with depending on the severity and impact they would have at the game world at large. As said before, we do allow some "lore-bending" to help make your character work in the way you wish. An example of this might be what your character's Class actually is - for instance, a Lancer instead of a Warrior/Survival Hunter, or influence from the before mentioned tabletop RPG books. We can and will absolutely work with these things. If you are unsure whether or not your concept crosses the line from bending into breaking, please do not hesitate to ask an officer. We will never judge you on your ideas and do our best to help make your roleplay experience as enjoyable as it can be.

Canon on playable races…
All available player races are considered canon, as well as available race/class combos.

In the instance of races not available, we tend to try to avoid this as much as possible. What Blizzard will do with a race in the future may conflict with our guild lore and canon, and very easily with your own conception of them.

We will allow some non-playable races depending on how well the character is roleplayed and the justification used for them. This includes things like half-elves (Quel'dorei or "High Elf"/Human only), Night Elf Worgen (as opposed to Gilnean human), and others that have an existence that can be cited in official lore. These sort of races will only be admitted after very careful scrutiny by officers, members, and even by interaction with non-guild roleplayers.

Canon on gameplay story…
The major events that happen in-game are always guild canon. This includes the storylines of each expansion, and the deaths of major enemies/raid bosses once they are available and have been defeated in-game. As an example, we will not deny that the original Feathermoon Stronghold was overrun with naga during the Cataclysm.

Most zone questlines are considered to have happened already, even if your character has not finished them.

We will very rarely (if ever) RP that a town or village is a place other than what it actually is in-game; i.e., we will not call Feathermoon by a different name and pretend it’s our (and only our) base. There are rare exceptions to this, including things such as stationary boats (if we need to RP a boat ride).

Canon on healing…
For our purposes, healers are free to use healing magics as long as they are not god-like and overpowered (even if you’re god-like and overpowered in PvE or PvP!). Injuries and wounds are not healed instantly; the healing magic may expedite the process, but a deep wound may still take some time to heal completely, even with a skilled healer at hand.

Under no circumstances are characters to be resurrected from dead. If you die in a PvE environment for RP purposes, we will consider it a ‘downed’ state with terrible injury, unless you are serious about wanting to kill off your character. If you do wish to kill off your character, please inform an officer so we can work such a guild-shaking event into further events. We will also need to be made *sure without a reasonable doubt* that you will no longer RP this character with us, so please put considerable thought into making such a choice.

Healing magics are taxing on the healer. It is unrealistic and unreasonable to imagine a character flailing around huge heals at every turn.

Lastly, we prefer, but do not mandate, a mixture of healing magic and old-fashioned triage. There is nothing wrong with RPing a druid who specializes in growing plants for medicines, rather than just flourishing a green-glowing hand. There is nothing wrong with a battle healer using a bandage on a wound rather than an actual heal. There is nothing wrong with stitches, cauterizing, etc.

Canon on other magics…
Magic is taxing. Though you may be an endless well of facemelt in PvX, your character does not have endless energy or mana IC.

As a player character, being a magic-wielder does not give you license to be a world-destroyer. You will not wave a hand and watch thirty enemies fall to your feet. Please understand the limitations of your chosen class.