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Preservation and Perseverance

Telrien / Aug 03, 2018

The Collective has been shaken.

The end of the Burning Legion was hard fought, and priceless costs were paid. They settled back to Feathermoon, with a well deserved peace soothing their spirits. The whole of the peoples of Kalimd Azeroth had joined together to eradicate a cosmic threat. They savored that tranquility, but it was not meant to last.

The Horde boldy marched through the sacred forests of Kalimdor, and in the end scorched Teldrassil, along with the hope of an easy peace, of coexistence.

And so, they respond – in various ways. The future lies unwritten, and the members of the Collective seek out to compose what comes next.

Hello everyone!!

It's been a while since we had a news update, but here it is, finally! In the past months, we have grown with wonderful new members. We've had our fun with shared events with other guilds, a very productive grassroots meeting, and many other activities ranging from raiding Antorus to PvP nights of roaming Kalimdor in Warmode.

So, what is in store for the future?


Recruitment will be closing on August 7th, 2018. As I mentioned above, we've brought in some wonderful new people who help make KC feel like a family. I would list all of you personally and address what you've added to KC to help it feel warmer, but that would cause this post to triple in size!

A New Community: Eternal Stalight

Using the new Communities feature, we have set up one of the few we are planning to create. “Eternal Starlight” is a Battletag/ Community. Joining will require you sharing your Battletag name with everyone else involed (if you weren't friends to begin with).

I know some of you are wary of this, but the benefits will be worth it! With this Community, those of us with Horde alts in our Horde-side guild “The Crowsong” will be able to chat with those playing on the Alliance side. It essentially becomes a cross-faction guild chat, so you won't feel lonely leveling that Hordie to see the content on their side!

It would also allow you to talk with the others if you're playing another game, such as Hearthstone or Heroes, Overwatch, etc. Thought honestly – that's not the reason we made it. We made it to be a cross-faction guild chat, as said above. So don't feel pressured to join the conversation if you're playing another game.

Three New Story Arcs are Coming!

We have three stories planned for all of you, and which one you wish to follow is up to you! If you're feeling courageous, you can join multiple ones. These new stories will happen after the events at Lordaeron. The focus will come that with this war raging in Kalimdor and other kaldorei lands, sacred sites and lost stories told from ruins and relics are at risk of being lost forever. We will restore as much as possible before the conflict with the Horde becomes full war. Though the Collective is not a kaldorei-exclusive group, it is still the duty of its people to stop pieces of its history from disappearing.

Azshara: Maeshkin Darksong will be leading those willing to help find and perverse relics of the kaldorei in Azshara, before the industrious goblins lay waste to them all.

Felwood: Telrien Rainwhisper and those who choose to follow him will be walking through Jaedenar to wipe out Legion remnants and also find pieces of kaldorei history to keep and preserve for future generations, before the Horde destroys all fragments to the history of night elven people.

On another note, for those looking for something more peaceful...

Winterspring: The ever peaceful and pacifist Mirodiil Dusksong is hard at work building and establishing a home in the snow highlands of Winterspring. He could use the help of those willing for upcoming projects.

We Will be Promoting a Fourth Officer!

Kalimdor Collective has grown substantially in number, and we will need help. It is time to promote another officer,and we will do so as we always have!
  • If you wish to apply, please send either a Discord private message or a private message here on the site to any three of us officers. Please detail how you believe you could help in the leadership of the Collective, and how you think your character would fit ICly into the officer core. You must apply with one character, which should be your main. (Of course, all your alts will also be promoted, as well as promoted on our Horde-side guild.)
  • If you don't think you, personally, would handle being an officer well, but know someone you think would be a great asset, please nominate them by sending a message to any one of us three, using the same method as above.
  • We will be taking requests from August 7th until August 21st.
  • Once we have all the “applications”, the officers will discuss them and vote on them. The majority vote will be promoted.
  • We will announce the new officer on August 25th, which will include an in-character ceremony.

That's all for now, all you KCers stay awesome and wonderul!

Much love,


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