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Telrien / Aug 03, 2018

The Collective has been shaken.

The end of the Burning Legion was hard fought, and priceless costs were paid. They settled back to Feathermoon, with a well deserved peace soothing their spirits. The whole of the peoples of Kalimd Azeroth had joined together to eradicate a cosmic threat. They savored that tranquility, but it was not meant to last.

The Horde boldy marched through the sacred forests of Kalimdor, and in the end scorched Teldrassil, along with the hope of an easy peace, of coexistence.

And so, they respond – in various ways. The future lies unwritten, and the members of the Collective seek out to compose what comes next.

Hello everyone!!

It's been a while since we had a news update, but here it is, finally! In the past months, we have grown with wonderful new members. We've had our fun with shared events with other guilds, a very productive grassroots meeting, and many other activities ranging from raiding Antorus to PvP nights of roaming Kalimdor in Warmode.

So, what is in store for the future?


Recruitment will be closing on August 7th, 2018. As I mentioned above, we've brought in some wonderful new people who help make KC feel like a family. I would list all of you personally and address what you've added to KC to help it feel warmer, but that would cause this post to triple in size!

A New Community: Eternal Stalight

Using the new Communities feature, we have set up one of the few we are planning to create. “Eternal Starlight” is a Battletag/ Community. Joining will require you sharing your Battletag name with everyone else involed (if you weren't friends to begin with).

I know some of you are wary of this, but the benefits will be worth it! With this Community, those of us with Horde alts in our Horde-side guild “The Crowsong” will be able to chat with those playing on the Alliance side. It essentially becomes a cross-faction guild chat, so you won't feel lonely leveling that Hordie to see the content on their side!

It would also allow you to talk with the others if you're playing another game, such as Hearthstone or Heroes, Overwatch, etc. Thought honestly – that's not the reason we made it. We made it to be a cross-faction guild chat, as said above. So don't feel pressured to join the conversation if you're playing another game.

Three New Story Arcs are Coming!

We have three stories planned for all of you, and which one you wish to follow is up to you! If you're feeling courageous, you can join multiple ones. These new stories will happen after the events at Lordaeron. The focus will come that with this war raging in Kalimdor and other kaldorei lands, sacred sites and lost stories told from ruins and relics are at risk of being lost forever. We will restore as much as possible before the conflict with the Horde becomes full war. Though the Collective is not a kaldorei-exclusive group, it is still the duty of its people to stop pieces of its history from disappearing.

Azshara: Maeshkin Darksong will be leading those willing to help find and perverse relics of the kaldorei in Azshara, before the industrious goblins lay waste to them all.

Felwood: Telrien Rainwhisper and those who choose to follow him will be walking through Jaedenar to wipe out Legion remnants and also find pieces of kaldorei history to keep and preserve for future generations, before the Horde destroys all fragments to the history of night elven people.

On another note, for those looking for something more peaceful...

Winterspring: The ever peaceful and pacifist Mirodiil Dusksong is hard at work building and establishing a home in the snow highlands of Winterspring. He could use the help of those willing for upcoming projects.

We Will be Promoting a Fourth Officer!

Kalimdor Collective has grown substantially in number, and we will need help. It is time to promote another officer,and we will do so as we always have!
  • If you wish to apply, please send either a Discord private message or a private message here on the site to any three of us officers. Please detail how you believe you could help in the leadership of the Collective, and how you think your character would fit ICly into the officer core. You must apply with one character, which should be your main. (Of course, all your alts will also be promoted, as well as promoted on our Horde-side guild.)
  • If you don't think you, personally, would handle being an officer well, but know someone you think would be a great asset, please nominate them by sending a message to any one of us three, using the same method as above.
  • We will be taking requests from August 7th until August 21st.
  • Once we have all the “applications”, the officers will discuss them and vote on them. The majority vote will be promoted.
  • We will announce the new officer on August 25th, which will include an in-character ceremony.

That's all for now, all you KCers stay awesome and wonderul!

Much love,
Maeshkin / Mar 06, 2018

Following the campaign on Argus, and the defeat of the Burning Legion, Kalimdor is weakened, and in need of our assistance. There are those who still suffer, whose homes are in upheaval. These are problems outside of the concern of the Alliance as a whole. It is up to us as the Kalimdor Collective to assist the people and lands of Kalimdor,

Soon we will begin our journey to visit the people of Kalimdor, assisting them the best we can. We will help them rebuild and restore Kalimdor, and at the same time strengthen our own connection to our ancestral lands. Are you up to the task?


Recruitment is OPEN. Please follow the link at the top for more info, or click the "Apply" link at the top of this page. Any further questions please contact Telrien, Maeshkin, or Mirodiil in game.

As we continue to stomp Antorus with our friends and allies in the Sha’tor, please stay up to date on our raiding rules, which can be found here.

Also, as we start our new campaign, please refer to this post regarding your character(s) and our story campaigns.

Most importantly, let’s all have as much fun as possible, and treat each other with the respect that you would expect yourself. We are a tight knit circle of friends, and we pride ourselves on our friendly atmosphere. Let’s keep up the good work, KC!

Maeshkin / Jan 04, 2018

The campaign on Argus has been successful, and the Legion has been defeated for the last time. We have come to our home in Feathermoon Stronghold and received news that Sargeras did not accept defeat without getting the last word.

Silithus is in ruin, our ancestral lands are torn asunder by the sword of the Dark Titan. Cenarion Hold is no more, and many of our people are missing or presumed dead. The Kalimdor Collective will be tasked with ensuring the safety of Silithus, making sure the evil once imprisoned there remains in captivity.

It is up to us, Kalimdor Collective. We must do what we can to preserve our lands in the face of such potential danger. The land needs time to heal, and the safety of Kalimdor and its people hangs in the balance. Are you up to the task?


Recruitment is OPEN. Please follow the link at the top for more info, or click the "Apply" link at the top of this page. Any further questions please contact Telrien, Maeshkin, or Mirodiil in game.

As we continue to stomp Antorus with our friends and allies in the Sha’tor, please stay up to date on our raiding rules, which can be found here.

Also, as we start our new campaign, please refer to this post regarding your character(s) and our story campaigns.

Most importantly, let’s all have as much fun as possible, and treat each other with the respect that you would expect yourself. We are a tight knit circle of friends, and we pride ourselves on our friendly atmosphere. Let’s keep up the good work, KC!

Telrien / Oct 05, 2017
Special Notice: Please see below for details!

The Collective found and neutralized a degenerate Eredar, even by their standards.

The poison-veined enemy fell before them, and with him all his disturbing and unnatural creations and experiments.

With the wolf lurking in woods finally put down, the Collective had to make a hard choice:


After many exchanged words, attitudes, and self-reflection, the Collective bound to protecting Kalimdor had made the choice to join the efforts on Argus. This was no easy decision, but with the wisdom of their allies from beyond the stars, their own hearts burning to end the Legion threat once and for all, the path was clear.

And so the Kalimdor Collective left for Argus, the great counter-attack on the many invasions plauging their beloved home.

Bonds are tested in these dire times and as light imbuded heroes, mortal protectors of the land of eternal starlight and fel stained avengers alike stand against the Legion - many still wonder, can we trust a hope?

Hello everyone!!

As you might notice, we have a new website banner thanks to the talents of our own Mirodill Dusksong! Be sure to thank him for the fantastic job he did in capturing the essence of KC in a wonderfully minimalist and striking style!


Recruitment remains open for now, so if you have any friends who have been considering joining, now is the time to apply! And that goes for anyone lurking here and wondering themselves. :) Recruitment will end soon, so be sure to try while there's time!

New Allied Guild channel!

We have set up a shared chat channel with our allied guilds, most notably the wonderful people of the Sha'tor! If you haven't joined yet, be sure to ask a guildie for the channel name so you can take part in cross guild events - be it RP, PvE, or even PvP! So far the channel has had great success! Everyone be sure to thank our great diplomat, ambassador, and "Builder of Relations" Ishdra - as well as Varistus for all their work!

If you are one of our current allied guilds, or would like to talk about becoming one, and would like to set up something similar, please contact us!

Special Notice

Please visit This link for details!

That's all for now, all you KCers stay awesome!

Much love,
Telrien / Aug 01, 2017

Our time on the Broken Shore has been trying yet fruitful. With our help there are now many that live that otherwise would have known death, or worse, under the Legion; As well as those who would know endless torment who now know peace. We have approached the front, we have fought alongside the devoted children of Kalimd Azeroth, and have suffered along them as well.

However, the time has come for us to shift ourselves towards a new threat. The armies of Legionfall are capable, but they can not be omnipresent. With the distressing evidence we have gathered along the crags and rags of the Shore, it is time for us to make our way to Azuremyst and Bloodmyst Isles - ancient home of the Dragon Riders of Loreth'Aran, and the current home of the refugees from the stars.

We shall gather in Darnassus, and then make our trip to Azuremyst to find camp. While we could stay at the Exodar itself, I think it best we not introduce possible conflict by having some of our more "unique" members within its... hull shell walls.

Telrien Rainwhisper

Hello KC!
Our IC on the Broken Shore has come to a close, which I'm sure more than most of you are quite happy about. (I don't blame you, it is a butt-ugly zone.) As we move on in our guild storyline, we will be setting up shop on Azuremyst Isle, so be ready to show off those non-flying mounts you rarely get to use!

Banner art contest!
If you have not seen so already, we are having an art contest to replace our current site banner. It's a tad bit outdated, and well beyond the time to replace it with something new. For more details, please visit this thread.

Recruitment is open once again!
Our referral-only requirement has been waived and we are now taking in all applications for recruitment. Be ready to see some new faces popping in!

That's all for now - and once again, thanks for being awesome, KC!
Telrien / Jun 15, 2017
Sands alone were not burning as the Collective left Tanaris. Passions between them, and within themselves, caused such hot blood to slither along their veins.

Some felt fooled, mislead. Others knew the bittersweet comfort of vindication. All wore disenchantment and judgment behind their countenance. The winds claimed all comfort, leaving only aridity. Not only in temperature, but in the temperaments among them.

Yet in this bleak corridor of thought and discourse, one thing became certain: The Collective would fare better in places of need. For the world, and for themselves. Robbed of general purpose, they turn their eyes to the front – to the Broken Shore.

The chapter turns, the past drying. Glints of an untapped determination appear in some, while others keep one hand on the pages, weary of what might come next.

Only a few things remain certain: Kalimdor has need of its Collective. The Collective has need to serve it.

And so they begin to join the assault upon the battered sands, the tainted rocks and withered desires.

Hello everyone!

KC is about to begin it's time on the Broken Shore! We have a few ideas in hand, of which some of you are already getting a small taste ;) But that is not all we have in store! Again – I can not say this enough – if you would like to submit ideas for the guild storyline or your character's own (or possibly both), go ahead and let one of us officers know.

Scheduling Changes

Hopefully most of you have noticed, but I would like to point out we have made some changes to what time we begin events. In the past we always began at 6:00PM Server Time. As our membership changed and grew, this became problematic to more members than helpful to others. With that in mind, we've bumped up (down?) our starting times to be a usual of 5:00PM Server. Please be sure to check the events to see when they begin!

And as always, please pay attention to the in-game calendar or the one here on the site. Ish and Miro put a good bit of effort into keeping those updated so you can be informed on what's happening with KC!

This goes with the “Guild Message of the Day” as well! Maesh does a wonderful job keeping it current, and it's the first place you will likely find any last minute changes or information.

Grave Robbers!

Coming up next Friday (6/23) we will begin raiding Tomb of Sargeras! This would be a good time to review our Raiding rules. As always, I will do my best to look up the fights and explain them as we go along – but it's never a bad idea to do some video-watching or reading up yourself!

Always remember, we raid for fun and to see content. This will be a brand new raid, so expect us to have some trouble. It will take a while for us to get the swing of it, so bring those auto-hammers and be ready for a wipe or fifteen!

Never forget that any questions, comments, and especially complaints and concerns can be brought to any of us officers at any time. Don't be afraid to speak your opinion, KC works because of you. :)

Much <3,

Telrien / May 27, 2017

These past months have been wearisome on us. Fighting the Legion, the satyr, and the internal conflicts among us. Our struggles have merit, however. We have proven successful in defiance of the satyr's intentions, though I will be among the first to admit this victory feels vacuous, hollow.

So it is with regret and a sense of duty I must inform you all - we have been called to war.

In the southern reaches of Kalimdor, among the sands and searing days, the Legion has amassed in the frigid nights. We have been informed they target Gadgetzan, and I am without doubt in maintaining they mean to writhe their way northward, profaning and despoiling the land we call home. This news comes to us from Illidari that have kept vigil since the Legion's initial attempts at claiming the goblin port.

As the Kalimdor Collective, it is our burden to protect her at all costs. Though I know the Legion works tirelessly in the Broken Shore, we can not neglect this affront to Kalimdor.

Gather your effects and your wits, Collective. We march southward, that we may strive upward.

We gather at Feathermoon Stronghold.

Andu'falah dor,
Commander Telrien Rainwhisper

Hello everyone!
With the end of our Satyrs in Suramar campaign, we are moving on to the next story for KC! We will be working in conjunction of other Wyrmrest roleplayers in the “War of the Burning Sands”! This is a server-wide event being hosted by Xanlamir. Both Alliance and Horde guilds will be taking part in fighting the Legion in Tanaris.

The actual events begin on Tuesday, May 30th at 4:00 PM Server time. If you're unable to make it at that time, don't worry! Our structured and regularly scheduled Active Duties and Social Nights will continue, and will revolve around the War. So even if you can't come to the actual events, you will still be playing a part! We will likely also have random events and such in the area that deal with us being stationed there. We will be camped in Tanaris and Feralas.

Moving on to other news...

We will be adjusting our Event and Raid start times!
A good bit of you took place in the pool over what time our events should begin, and the majority had no problem with beginning things earlier. With that in mind, we will being moving our events back to begin at either 5:00 or 4:00 PM Server time. We will make adjustments as needed. The reasoning behind this is so those who play in the Eastern and Central timezones don't have to be awake until midnight or later to participate in the full length of an event. Though we strive to keep RP events within an hour and half max length, it will still be beneficial. If you have any thoughts on this, please don't be afraid to speak up!

So as always - be sure to keep an eye on the in-game and site's event caldendar. We keep both of them updated for a reason. If you miss an event that was scheduled that you otherwise could have attended, that is on you for not checking. We also keep the Guild Message of the Day updated as much as possible with changes, times and dates for events. If you ignore all these things and feel left out, there isn't much we can do to help you.

Now is a good time to plan something about your character!
As the new campaign begins, this is an opportune time to get your character directly involved in the story. We try to make sure everyone gets their time in the sun! So if you have any ideas on situations, events, or anything else you like to happen to your character, please please please do not be shy and bring it to one of us officers! We can only do so much with planning events, if you want to feel you character is involved you need to do your part and let us know what you're looking for! I have a long history of weaving many character arcs into a smooth narrative that will push forward both the guild's story as well as your character's arcs. You can tell us as much information as you are comfortable with us knowing about your character, as long as you give us enough to work with! So do you want that person from their past to show up? Do you want them to face a fear they have kept hidden? Would you like to see them kidnapped, injured, or shining in a dark moment by becoming all they can? Let. Us. Know!

That is all for now! As always, lots of love to all of you! This is an amazing guild because of the people in it, which makes all of you amazing. I am truly lucky to have such awesome membership and officers alongside me.

Maeshkin / Apr 19, 2017

We recently had a debriefing at Oculeth’s Workshop, just outside Suramar City. The Collective was briefed regarding an old foe appearing to thwart our plans in the region.

Throughout the history of the Kalimdor Collective, we have encountered the Satyr on multiple occasions, including conflicts in Northrend, Kalimdor, and most recently in Val’sharah. They have learned that we are assisting the rebellion in Suramar, and seek to avenge their defeats.

With the defeat of Xavius, the Satyr have grown desperate, they seek out the latent power of the region. This newfound power has made them more powerful than the last time we encountered them, and they have become even more of a threat than before.

They seek us out in particular, and are aware of our presence in the area. We must assess their numbers, find their weakness, and send them running back into the wilds from where they came.

Will you join the Collective in eradicating this threat?


The new campaign has started! Check the in-game calendar for when and where you can help!

Also, keep an eye on the calendar for more IC non-campaign events such as holidays, and social nights, as well as opportunities to raid the Nighthold and participate in some organized PVP!