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by Maeshkin on May 17, 2020 at 06:49 PM
In attendance: Brother Azaan, Sister Lothelene, Serpent Rider Daiyu, Lady Duskmourne, Cdr. Darksong.

A few evenings ago, we traveled to Auchindoun in present-day Outland. We were tasked with contacting the spirit of a Rayn Starblaze and returning with her to Feathermoon where her Sister, Autumn rested under the stars, a victim of the recent poisonings.

The spirit energy in Auchindoun was mighty. The structure was awe-inspiring, even in its state of ruin. Cultists summoned evil energies some time ago that rendered the area a wasteland, and set many of the spirits at unease. The unsettled remains were scattered about so densely that one had to be careful to not trample them underfoot.

The Tauren I had contacted about our journey met us, but did not travel within the ruins with us. Instead, he conjured a spirit sage to accompany us. We learned of the conflicts within the ruins, and the state of the area in the modern day. At first we were steered away from the crypts, and traveled on to the Shadow Labrynth. We were denied entry by the locals, they warned of evil energy still at play within, and that we should search elsewhere for our spirit.

We then visited the enclosure once controlled by the Arokkoa, the Sethekk halls. It seems there was a camp set up at the entrance, but no survivors. Sister Lothelene noticed a fletching kit that resembled that could have likely belonged to our fallen friend, Rayn Starblaze. When we happened upon a bow of Kaldorei make, a spirit spoke to us from the shadows, imploring we take them “home,” complaining of the cold.

Our spirit sage suggested we return to the crypt area, despite its initial objections. There we discovered several Anchorites keeping vigil, and were guided to one of the memorial candles, with a moon emblem carved in its side.

The lost spirit spoke to us once again, and it was indeed Rayn Starblaze, the fallen Sentinel. Brother Azaan and myself assisted the spirit into bonding with the bow that belonged to it in its previous life. It would enable us to return to Feathermoon and reunite the two spirits in the afterlife.

Indeed, we did return to Feathermoon, and Priestess Zakoi assisted in guiding the spirit to its new home in Kalimdor, and reuniting the Starblaze sisters as wisps darting through the woods of Kalimdor. It was troubling for some, but saving this one spirit was a deed well done.

Addendum: Brother Azaan was quite troubled by the journey, and in hindsight would likely have been best to stay behind. I admire his dedication to this unit, and his desire to see a task completed. However, entering into a timeline where one’s home is in such ruin can have lasting mental effects, and will I be checking in on Azaan periodically to ensure his well-being in the future.