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The forged medic sat at the squat desk just inside the City Hall of Darkshire, her mind wandering over the purpose of this Temporary Duty (TD) to Duskwood. The reports all spoke of the region’s need for improvement. The short term goals were to improve relations with the Crown, and act as a liaison with city leadership that had no “history” with the region as Captain Fareeya put it.

With the High Exarch acting as Steward of the Realm, he wanted eyes in the Kingdom. The Alliance desperately needed to heal and recover after the War of Thorns. The Army of Light leadership advised certain team members of the Expeditionary Combat Team to be placed in the outlying areas and provide unbiased requirements needed to help the regions recover and prosper. The operation known as Ma-nes icta in the language of the Eredar, the translation in common would mean “Double our efforts.” Captain Fareeya was quite clear that the mission was temporary. As soon as a qualified Artificer could be deployed I would be allowed to return to Kalmindor. The Sub-lieutenant writing in her journal as another day ended.

Journal Entry Date: σμηθβϖ630 KC. Correspondence arrived today in the form of a young human paladin named Talric bearing a missive from the Magistrate of Elwynn Forest concerning the worgen threat in Duskwood. I was aware that several of the outlying homesteads had been attacked. More troubling were the persistent rumors of ritual slayings and the local populace refusing to discuss the matter beyond the often heard, “Tis region’s cursed.” The missive requested the Crown representative investigate the recent disappearance of three bounty hunters from Goldshire that never arrived in Darkshire. The missive detailed the bounty hunter’s contract had been to track down a connection between the Gilnean Starlight Slasher murders and a few individuals in Duskwood matching the description of some known suspects. With the missive from Elwynn Forest was a small box bearing message crystal from the bearing the mark of the Vindicaar.

Sitting at my desk I pondered the missive while rolling the message crystal between my fingers. The request is reasonable to be sure, but moving from a fact finding mission for the Army of Light to a magistrate bothered me. How can one gain trust when everyone would soon know that I was now looking to arrest one or more people? To be sure, a shift in mission was underway and tracking a murderer was not in my skill set, yet here I was staring at a request from a lawfully appointed official in a neighboring province. Watching the young human paladin for a moment, I laughed at the absurdity of it all, how a medic and human fresh from the Abbey of Northshire were now tasked with questioning locals and the potential to arrest or kill one of their own. Setting the missive aside, I looked at the crystal with caution. Taking a slow exhale, I inserted the crystal into the receiver attached to my left horn.

**Sub-Lieutenant Arexzia, your reserve status is hereby rescinded and are now upon activation of this crystal ordered to active duty assigned to the Expeditionary Combat Team, medical staff, Vindicaar. Requirements of ((Operation Ma-nes Icta)) are suspended until further notice.**

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