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Present: Sub-Lieutenant Arexia, Priestess Ainsley, Illidari Aratelle, Illidari Lailianna, Cdr. Darksong.

Briefing: There are rumors of continued Legion activity in the cellars below Karazhan. In addition there is lost Kirin Tor tome of some import hidden within these cellars as well. Our mission, quite simply, is to cull the Legion interlopers and to retrieve this lost tome.

There was a small Kirin Tor presence in the area when we arrived, frankly more than I expected. We were informed that an instructor in Dalaran recalled storing a tome in the cellars, due to the nature of its contents. The Legion presence underground was too numerous for the remaining forces present to overcome, and thus we were called upon to aid.

Immediately upon descending into the cellars, we encountered several lesser Legion units. Imps, minor demons and the like were our first obstacle. Deeper inside, we discovered a vast storage of alcohol. Ales and wine, long forgotten, lined the hallways of the cellar, untouched for ages. Legion infantry were numerous, and we fought through them quite easily, until we reached the farthest corner of the cellars.

A Dreadlord lieutenant and his minions awaited us, somewhat unaware that their masters had been long defeated. Their purpose was never confirmed, but there was definitely a plan afoot. Left with no other choice, we engaged the Dreadlord and his cohorts.

Everyone fought quite well, despite the surprising strength of the Legion units. We sustained several injuries, as the Legion assaulted us with brute force and vile magics. I was fortunate to have the Illidari along, as their expertise proved useful in pinpointing the weaknesses of the Eredar Mages.

Personally, I was momentarily immobilized by one of the larger units, and unless I was told otherwise, I was on my way to finally meet the Goddess. There are several moments of this battle that escape my memory. I was thrown into one of the walls with such force that everything became dark.

Moments later, I was surprisingly revived with a focus of shadow energy, later found to come from Priestess Ainsley. My fate would have been uncertain without her efforts, for sure. My rage overcame me as I recovered, and we were able to quickly dispatch the Dreadlord and the last of his minions. It was a close battle, but we fought well.

Following the altercation, we searched the room and the corpses of the fallen demons. They carried with them several gold pieces, and luckily the tome we were after.

A Treatise on Death and Domination Magic” came into our possession, and the inside cover noted that it was not for “novice” students. This seemed to be one of the countless secret tomes said to be in the possession of the Kirin Tor. Since I did not give a definite timeframe of our mission to the Kirin Tor, I decided that this tome should possibly sit in my office for examination before returning it to the library in Dalaran.

Recalled to the best of my ability.
~Cdr. Darksong

So many fallen kings, silent in their numberless graves...

Even the mighty are rendered nameless by time.

Every king must kneel before death.

- Memory of Arthas

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