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Flashpoint: Stonetalon.

Present: Alaundrith, Brother Birchwing, Mender Ainsley, Sister Nascylla, Sub-Lieutenant Arexzia, Cdr. Darksong.

Meeting point: Northwatch Expedition Camp, Stonetalon.

Those in attendance were briefed about the ongoing conflicts between the Horde and the Grimtotem Tauren in the valley below the basecamp. Apparently there had been a research party sent out to try to recover any historical items or artifacts from the area before the fighting destroyed what was left.

After being warned that the fighting was quite intense, we carefully made our way through the valley. The lands were scarred with fire and war, the treetops still smoldering and smoke hung low in the sky. Almost immediately, we discovered the fate of the research party.

We came across belongings surely belonging to the researchers, and unfortunately the remains of one or more of them. They were clearly outnumbered and under equipped for all the fighting. The satchel we found bore the insignia of the Explorers’ League, which confirmed it was indeed them. It was empty, which gave hope that perhaps whatever they were after was still out there.

Crude markings on an old totem were evidence of great desperation, a warning to not move on. On the other hand, these markings were a clue that we were moving in the right direction.

Near the center of the fighting we found the remains of a Tauren village, nearly burned to the ground. A unit of Grimtotem stood defiantly over fresh Horde kills. Upon discovering our presence, they approached us, and denied us any further passage. It seemed we would have to fight our way out.

The fighting was intense, the Grimtotem were large, and quite strong. It was by no means an easy fight, but we somehow persevered in the end. Several of us sustained minor injuries, but our healers were quite competent, and ensured a quick and safe recovery.

After the fighting subsided, we were able to search both the possessions of the Grimtotem and the surrounding area. We recovered several stag figurines, as well as a number of etchings. Seemingly hidden inside a large animal skull was a small journal, with notes and sketches of both our own findings, as well as additional research from the area. Someone wanted us to find this journal, its author seemingly perished in the pursuit of this knowledge.

Based on our own knowledge, we came to the conclusion that the past residents of this village may have worshipped the White Stag, Malorne. Sister Ainsley was tasked with returning this research to the Library at Ironforge, where it would be the safest given the circumstances.

The group was dismissed after a small debriefing at the Expedition Camp, and our mission has been officially declared a success.

Recalled to the best of my ability,
~Cdr. Darksong.

So many fallen kings, silent in their numberless graves...

Even the mighty are rendered nameless by time.

Every king must kneel before death.

- Memory of Arthas

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