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#14206730 Sep 09, 2019 at 09:09 PM
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Rest now my friend, a hero of old
The heavens now weep for your stories untold
For a great man has fallen to Scourge and to snow
Rest now, my friend, it’s your time to go

Rest now my pupil, you’ve tarried so long
We bid you farewell with our sorrowful song
May Elune guide your spirit and keep you at ease
Rest now my pupil, may you be at peace

Rest now, my brother, the light in my heart
For fate has determined to tear us apart
I’ll cherish your friendship, your warmth, and love too
Rest now, my brother, my heart goes with you

Rest now, my mentor, cradled by the sea
I’ll never forget what you’ve given for me
I’ll carry your bow and I’ll fight in your name
Rest now, dear uncle, till we meet again
Rest now my darling, your journey is done
You’ve given so much, and your battle is won
I’ve waited for so long to see you once more
Rest now my darling, and meet me on the shore

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