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Lothelene Auraniel

(lo-THEL-ah-nee ah-RAHN-ee-el)

Thel for short. Although she introduces herself as Thel, and her XRP gives her nickname as Thel, people persist in calling her Loth. It is Thel.

Age: 7,500ish Lothelene was born after the Sundering, but soon enough to see Malfurion Stormrage enter the Emerald Dream when she was a young girl.

Thel has strong feminine features: a straight nose, high cheekbones, and a firm jaw. Her deep amethyst skin is weatherworn to some degree from her outdoor lifestyle in recent years. Her clan tattoos frame eyes that glow like the moonlight, one of her few beauties. Her hair is thick and silver-white; she wears it braided up on her head when traveling or hunting.

She stands tall for a Kaldorei woman, with a rangy figure and large hands hardened by the bowstring. She walks silently, looking as though she might spring into action if necessary, her movements swift and graceful as a deer of the forest. Her eyes and ears are constantly alert, watching and listening for danger. If seen in the city, she might appear ill at ease with her surroundings.

Lothelene is a fairly typical Kaldorei in many ways. She is quite ancient, a traditionalist trying to come to grips with the modern world and its people, not always successfully. She is mildly xenophobic.

She has rarely traveled outside the Elven lands, and has been a recluse living in the forests of Feralas since the Cataclysm destroyed Auberdine. She finds many things new and wonderful, as well as suspicious.

She prides herself on her heritage yet is ashamed of her people's role in the Sundering; considers herself highly civilized yet is casual about the savagery her way of life entails. She disapproves of magic other than Druidic nature magic, especially fel magic, but is not above using a portal.

She is struggling with her faith in Elune, particularly in light of recent revelations about the Naaru and the Titans.

(( I tend to smooth off her rough edges when in group roleplay to avoid causing offense or starting a bar room brawl. She would be aghast to have caused a scene, whatever her private thoughts might be. ))

Thel was born and grew up in a settlement on Mount Hyjal. Her mother and aunts were born there as well; her mother also has a brother, but males are not counted as close kin in her clan. Her family was dominated by the matriarch, her grandmother Lily Auraniel, a Sister of Elune who saw to it that both tradition and family members were well protected. Thel has no children, and has adopted a young cousin as her heir.

She worked as an archivist for the Cenarians in Moonglade for many centuries. There she met and eventually was betrothed to a young druid. He became trapped in the Emerald Nightmare when corrupted furbolgs destroyed the barrow where he slept, and it was grief over his loss that caused her to leave Moonglade.

She learned to shoot and hunt with the Outriders, and fought in the Battle for Mount Hyjal. She is also a veteran of the War with the Gurubashi, and the War with the Lich King.

When the Cataclysm destroyed her home in Auberdine, she retreated to Feralas to dwell among the trees and the beasts. There she hid from the world and its many horrors, until the attack on Darkshore provoked her to take action.
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