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-The sun just glares over the tips of the trees of Elwynn Forest. The morning fog still low among the ground. Birds chirping. Smoke rises up past the trees. Below a camp fire burns. There Silvorin sits as he strokes that camp fire. Sekhmet the Nightsaber Cat lays next to her master half asleep.

The Kaldorei stares into the fire. It's only been a few weeks since the fell of Teldrassil and Darnassus. So much as happen in these few weeks, it's amaze he still breaths. Silvorin closes his eyes.

"Came Sek and Lore, protect our brethern as they escape into Ashenvale from the Horde." You could see the smoke as far as Ashenvale. The screams. If only I stayed in Eastern Kingdoms instead of coming home. Maybe, Lorehm would had still been still with me. The attack happen so fast. So much chaos. Clank of blades, scent of blood, gaze of death.

"Sekhmet where is Lorehm?" He was never a fighter like his sister was. He was always a scaredy cat but Sekhmet and him were always close, even as kittens. But to just leave, no. He must be somewhere. No trail, no scent. It as if Lorehm disapared. Watch out.

Silvorin eyes shot open. He was now on the ground. The fire now embers. The sun, high noon. The Kaldorei locked eys with his Nightsaber, "I, we will find him and if he is gone, then he watches us as he always has."

Silvorin stood up stretching, kicking drit onto the last embers of the camp fire. "Come Sek, I have meeting about possible joining a group."
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