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[In the distance Mirodiil would hear a soft hoo’ing of a Sentinel owl. The owl would then circle overhead as he confirmed his target’s identity. Once certain, the owl would release his parcel and a parchment would fall gently to the ground.

When unrolled, Mirodiil would find a perfectly intact pale lilac moonflower. And the letter, written in an elegant script, would read:]

Brother Dusksong,

I hope the Goddess has continued to bless you as you continue your path of finding clarity. A journey that I hope has provided you with some peace.

Normally I would respect one’s wish for privacy during such a time, but I believe I would not be able to call myself your friend if I did not inform you of information I have recently acquired.

Now please know that I do not have many details, but I have learned that Brother Darksong has been arrested. And, per my witness, this was done so by order of the human King. I am heading in haste to the Alliance capital now to discover more.

What you chose to do with this information is now your choice. If you decide to continue your seclusion, then I will respect that and not contact you further regarding this incident. But also, please know that if you do choose to intervene, then you will have the everlasting gratitude of your Priestess and your friend.

May the Goddess Guide You,

Priestess Moonflower

Arilyne Moonflower / Margas Emberstone /
Mayvas Stormfeather / Maebas Orcbreaker
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