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[Related to: Swiftarrow's Allegiance]

The nexus portal hummed and then zipped as Priestess Moonflower entered into Stormwind’s mage tower. A young human female began to address her but was stopped midbreath as Arilyne furiously pushed past her and into the bustling streets of the mage quarter. Turned around and uncertain of the path to the Keep, Arilyne spotted a nearby guard and approached him. What first was meant to be a simple request for directions quickly turned into a loud rebuking from Arilyne onto the guard in her heighten emotional stance.

“Priestess!” a voice suddenly interjected.

Arilyne turned sharply to see Commander Rainwhisper standing behind her with his hands curled at his side.

You are causing a commotion,” he hissed through a clenched jaw.

“Yes, yes I am! And I intend to cause much more than this!” she shouted.
“Do you know what these people, these humans, have done to Brother Darksong?”

Telrien abruptly snatched Arilyne’s hand and pulled her away from the gathering crowd and towards a small alleyway. Arilyne, shocked at the Commander’s show of assertiveness, followed without much of a resistance.

“Priestess, there isn’t much that occurs in this Collective that I do not know of including Darksong’s disappearance,” Telrien whispered sternly into her ear while peering out for potential observers.

“Then you know that he was arrested by a human --- a human stating he did so by the King’s authority!” Arilyne whispered furiously in response.

Telrien, still grasping one of Arilyne’s hands then reached out and grasped the other in an attempt to calm her. “This I know as well but surely you understand that accosting the King with such allegations would be futile. We would end up in the Stockades or worst, killed on sight.”

As he spoke, the wisdom of Telrien’s words began to shatter Arilyne’s passionate hatred. She then inhaled deeply to center herself before nodding her head.

“Then what do we do, Commander?” Arilyne asked calmly as she removed her hands from his and folded her arms across her chest.

“I have suspicions that a human, a Knight-Captain Briggs, knows of Darksong’s location,” Telrien responded.

“And where is this Briggs?” the Priestess questioned.

“In the Kul Tiran city of Boralus awaiting our arrival,” Telrien answered.

“Awaiting our arrival? I- I don’t understand,” Arilyne stated.

“Simply put, I have allowed Briggs to believe we are assisting him and the King in an investigation into rumors stirring in Kul Tiras. While in truth, I am gathering evidence and information into his involvement in Darksong’s disappearance,” Telrien replied.

Arilyne nodded as she understood. “How can I help?”

“You can help by calming yourself fully, so you do not attract any further unwanted attention and then, once you are able, you should make your way to the docks. I have chartered a ship and will be setting sail in the coming days,” Telrien responded.

Arilyne began to speak, which would have likely had been an apology for her reckless behavior, when Telrien suddenly shifted into a crow. And then, without a moment’s pause, the Commander flew off into the direction of the docks.

The Priestess sighed, still unaccustomed to Telrien’s unpredictable nature, and then ran her hands down her robe to tidy her appearance. Soon she would leave to purchase supplies from a city merchant for her trip across the seas.

[Written with Telrien's approval and input]
Arilyne Moonflower / Margas Emberstone /
Mayvas Stormfeather / Maebas Orcbreaker
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