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Underneath the starlight veil, where the light was scattered by Darkshore’s tree canopy, sat a Priestess in deep meditation. Her eyes were closed, and her breathing barely was audible.

“Come out from there, Sister,” Arilyne suddenly spoke out to the darken forest.

As commanded, a younger Sentinel archer stepped out from the camouflage of the woods and stood in front of the Priestess. She kept her face hidden beneath her dark cowl.

“Priestess Moonflower?” she asked in a quiet and shaky voice.

“You are correct,” Arilyne responded as she opened her eyes and stood to face the Sentinel.

The Sentinel shifted her weight nervously as she looked down towards her feet. She did not want the Priestess to know her identity yet hiding herself from a Priestess felt unnatural and unnerving.

Sensing this, Arilyne also looked towards the ground to ease the archer.

“I shouldn’t be here-“ the young Sentinel abruptly stated as she turned to leave but Arilyne stopped her by placing her hand firmly on her shoulder. The physical strength behind the Priestess’ hand was not nearly as strong as the authority in which she placed it.

“Speak child,” the Priestess ordered.

“Your – your Hand, the Twice-borne,” the Archer started anxiously, “-has been arrested.”

“Arrested? By whose authority?” Arilyne demanded.

“By the authority of the King,” the Sentinel responded.

“The King? The human king?” the Priestess snarled.

The Sentinel quietly nodded.

“That child has no authority here! How dare he!” Arilyne growled through clenched teeth as she began gathering her possessions.

“Tell me, Sister, who led this little human lynching mob?” the Priestess demanded of the Sentinel.

“His only words to me were to not speak of what I saw. He did not give me his name,” the young Kaldorei answered.

Realizing the Sentinel’s act of defiance against the Alliance by defying the man’s order made the Priestess stop mid-step and smile.

“Sister Swiftarrow,“ the Priestess began as the Sentinel suddenly raised her face which revealed her shock in her hidden identity being stated. “-I served with your mother many years ago and you, barely walking, were always at her side.”

The Priestess chuckled remembering the thought before she continued. “In your play, you pretended to slay every Orc that dared to cross your path even though you could not yet even hold a bow.”

The Priestess then turned and placed her finger beneath Sentinel Swiftarrow’s chin to raise her gaze to be even with her own. “Even as a child you knew where your allegiance rightfully belonged,” Arilyne stated.

“For you are a child of Elune and a Sister of the Kaldorei. And we are not servants to any Alliance king,” the Priestess added with a snarl.

The Sentinel nodded as the Priestess turned to leave.

“Priestess, where are you going?” the Sentinel asked as the Priestess walked farther away.

“To get answers,” the Priestess responded just before disappearing from sight.

Arilyne Moonflower / Margas Emberstone /
Mayvas Stormfeather / Maebas Orcbreaker
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