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(the writing itself looks to be in fine penmanship; much finer than what the author is expected to be at skillwise)

"Log 21:11 11-07-37? Whatever year it is

Two member of the Kalimdor Collective, Katareana and Heike Ebonclaw, joined myself in an assault on a Horde operation on the island west of Feathermoon Stronghold. Light rain, hippogryphs provided by the local flight master got us there.

As suspected, Azerite operations were being held there. Most of the veins were cleaned out already, leaving only one large chunk there. Few guards, peons, and an overseer/foreman stayed behind to clean it up.

We worked quickly and quietly. Heike and Katalaena blew up one of the leftover drills to set up an ambush. Total body count: three peons by combat, one peon by falling, two female orc grunts by combat, and one male tauren guard by combat. Overseer ejected from his shredder and escaped via glider. Shredder self-destructed as a distraction.

Several sentinels were found after the assault and have moved over to start hauling the remaining Azerite to Feathermoon Stronghold. Total of roughly 172 lbs of Azerite now available to whomever is in charge.

Gold was also found in the remains of the shredder. Total of 121 gold and several bonds with the Steamwheedle Cartel, surprisingly. Calculations come out to 872 gold total. Both Katalaena and Heike declined payment, so all will be kept for myself.

With the overseer/foreman escaping, this will be only the beginning of it. Any more assistance in time will be appreciated.

-Kloviana Rageblossom"

(beneath it is a small note)

Maesh, Telrien,-

This has been translated for her request. By anything holy, what did I do to have to come in contact with her again?

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