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For: Darksong, Rainwhisper and Dusksong

Was contacted via Spirit Raven (not 100% sure of what the beast actually was) with a message asking specifically for me from a patron from Ryu's bar informing that they wished to speak about concerns of certain threats toward Kalimdor.

I let them know that I would speak with them on neutral ground near Freehold for both of our safety (as safe as pirates can be most of the time). The patron was one Kurgara Stormfrenzy, a Mag'har Orc woman. She wishes to form a truce with the Collective and her own group (belatedly I realized I did not ask for the name of this group), as they also have concerns with the current Horde leader and events that have been happening in Kalimdor.

She let me know that there is a possible attack in the making toward Hyjal in that the Horde wishes to blight the roots and burn yet another World Tree from the bottom up. Possibilities and rumors are one thing, but she assured me that her scout (who was a Forsaken themselves) was very sure of what they had seen. Her general disposition did not disagree with this assessment, so I can only agree that she was telling the truth. If this is what the Horde plans to do, I believe some sort of action should follow.

Ultimately, they ask for the Collective's help in this matter, or at least realize that not all of the Horde are our enemies. I can agree with this, that the whole does not make the individual, and that there is opposition in the Horde ranks than we might think there is. They do not wish to become friends persay, but more "Enemy of my Enemy is our Ally" more or less.

She seemed genuine, and after talking with her for a while, I do agree with her statements. Perhaps some of our closest allies are not as far away as we think they are.

Use this information as you will.

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