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The following is a personal account of the actions taken, delivered by Kurgara Stormfrenzy.

Those brave enough to risk treason gathered at Thoradin's Wall at the divide between Hillsbrad & Arathi. Six in total had the courage to sign and actually show.

Axoho, a troll claiming loyalty to the true Horde, Aly'sandrel, a young idealistic Nightborne still fresh to Azeroth as a whole. Reithiel, the Illidari, Kathalina, from the Forsaken, and maybe most interesting, a goblin woman calling herself... too damn many names to remember, but she said Bunny was fine for short.

The Goblin had to duck off. Something about a financial emergency billing situation. Didn't really understand, but can't say I was surprised. Goblins.

Those five left, myself included, set out into the Highlands. Our task was to prevent the deployment of Plague against a camp of refugees fleeing across the Highlands- just looking to escape the warzone it had become.

Men, women, children, the elderly, unarmed innocents all of them. Just pieces that the Forsaken wished to add to their ranks in this worthless war.

We were able to catch up with the thrower and its armed escort not far from Stromgarde Keep. Thank the spirits that the eyes of the Alliance were elsewhere, or they'd surely have sent forces against us.

Aly'sandrel and Kathalina worked together to mislead the convoy with false orders, scribed trickery, and some magic illusion. Lots of moving parts. Lots to go wrong. But treason isn't a simple thing. When she set out to intercept them, I found myself holding my breath. The others remained back with me on a rise, watching the exchange.

Unfortunately, communications broke down. Something about their leader being too ambitious to see reason. We were forced to take action directly.

I sent Axoho and Kathalina ahead to slow down the Thrower, while Reithiel, Aly'sandrel and I disposed of the detachment of 3 Forsaken guardsmen that had been sent after us when we were spotted on the rise.

Overall, the battle claimed 12 Forsaken Infantry, and 1 member of the Royal Apothecary Society. The apothecary wielded some strange new plague pistol, for lack of a better term. Going to need further research on that.

Our side took relatively minimal injuries, other than a brush with the plague by Reithiel and Aly'sandrel. Gotta check in with those two...

The troll took a few good slices.. but it'll all grow back eventually. Trolls are harder to kill than that. Kathalina took a sword to the gut but I doubt she even felt it. A few stitches and she'll manage just fine.

In the end, Kathalina neutralized the shipment with some sort of anti-plague agent she found on the apothecary. The thrower itself was crushed by mechanical failure thanks to some precise blows from Axoho and Reithiel.

My spirit crows were acting as my eyes on the refugee camp, and informed me that over two dozen innocents were able to finish their evacuation thanks to our efforts.

Two dozen people who live to see another day, to have a future that doesn't involve the rot and bile of the twisted Banshee Queen.

If we all hang for this, it would still be worth it.

Honor and Glory, for the Horde.

~Stormcaller Kurgara Stormfrenzy
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