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Maeshkin / Mar 06, 2018

Following the campaign on Argus, and the defeat of the Burning Legion, Kalimdor is weakened, and in need of our assistance. There are those who still suffer, whose homes are in upheaval. These are problems outside of the concern of the Alliance as a whole. It is up to us as the Kalimdor Collective to assist the people and lands of Kalimdor,

Soon we will begin our journey to visit the people of Kalimdor, assisting them the best we can. We will help them rebuild and restore Kalimdor, and at the same time strengthen our own connection to our ancestral lands. Are you up to the task?


Recruitment is OPEN. Please follow the link at the top for more info, or click the "Apply" link at the top of this page. Any further questions please contact Telrien, Maeshkin, or Mirodiil in game.

As we continue to stomp Antorus with our friends and allies in the Sha’tor, please stay up to date on our raiding rules, which can be found here.

Also, as we start our new campaign, please refer to this post regarding your character(s) and our story campaigns.

Most importantly, let’s all have as much fun as possible, and treat each other with the respect that you would expect yourself. We are a tight knit circle of friends, and we pride ourselves on our friendly atmosphere. Let’s keep up the good work, KC!