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Maeshkin / Jan 11, 2019

War is hell, as they say. The Alliance finds themselves split between multiple fronts in the war against the Horde. Forces battle one another in Kul Tiras, Zandalar, Kalimdor, and Stromgarde.

Tyrande has turned her focus to reclaiming Darkshore for the Kaldorei, and Greymane has followed suit. Soon the Kaldorei will reclaim their ancestral lands, and the Horde will be forced to flee back to Durotar.

The Kalimdor Collective has answered the call of the High Priestess, and plans to journey to Darkshore to put our unique variety of skillsets to use.

Soon we will depart by ferry to the shores of Ashenvale, and make our way on foot into Darkshore. We will be sending a scouting party shortly to make our journey as quiet as possible. After we have secured a foothold in the area, we will carry out a number of missions to disrupt Horde supply lines and neutralize their war machines.

The call has gone out to the protectors of Kalimdor, and their allies. Will you join us in reclaiming what is ours?

Tor ilisar’thera’nal! (Let our enemies beware!)


Recruitment for the Kalimdor Collective is OPEN. We are looking for people interested in RP, PvE, and a little bit of PvP.

We have scheduled RP every Tuesday at 5pm (subject to change), with story-based RP scheduled at varying times. We intend to add more impromptu rp events as we gain more members. Most Thursdays we have a Tavern Night, and Fridays are our scheduled raid nights (normal mode). Mythic plus has been known to run almost nightly, depending on attendance. Most of our events occur at 5pm server, with future events subject to be scheduled at various times.

All races and classes are welcome, but they must fit our IC mission and be a minimum of level 80. We do require you to fill out a written application. After your application is approved, you will be interviewed IC before receiving your invite.

Follow this link for recruitment details!

To apply, follow the link in the top right corner (on the white bar)!

If you have any further questions or comments, feel free to contact Maeshkin, Telrien, or any other guild member in game!