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Maeshkin / Jan 04, 2018

The campaign on Argus has been successful, and the Legion has been defeated for the last time. We have come to our home in Feathermoon Stronghold and received news that Sargeras did not accept defeat without getting the last word.

Silithus is in ruin, our ancestral lands are torn asunder by the sword of the Dark Titan. Cenarion Hold is no more, and many of our people are missing or presumed dead. The Kalimdor Collective will be tasked with ensuring the safety of Silithus, making sure the evil once imprisoned there remains in captivity.

It is up to us, Kalimdor Collective. We must do what we can to preserve our lands in the face of such potential danger. The land needs time to heal, and the safety of Kalimdor and its people hangs in the balance. Are you up to the task?


Recruitment is OPEN. Please follow the link at the top for more info, or click the "Apply" link at the top of this page. Any further questions please contact Telrien, Maeshkin, or Mirodiil in game.

As we continue to stomp Antorus with our friends and allies in the Sha’tor, please stay up to date on our raiding rules, which can be found here.

Also, as we start our new campaign, please refer to this post regarding your character(s) and our story campaigns.

Most importantly, let’s all have as much fun as possible, and treat each other with the respect that you would expect yourself. We are a tight knit circle of friends, and we pride ourselves on our friendly atmosphere. Let’s keep up the good work, KC!