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Telrien / Oct 05, 2017
Special Notice: Please see below for details!

The Collective found and neutralized a degenerate Eredar, even by their standards.

The poison-veined enemy fell before them, and with him all his disturbing and unnatural creations and experiments.

With the wolf lurking in woods finally put down, the Collective had to make a hard choice:


After many exchanged words, attitudes, and self-reflection, the Collective bound to protecting Kalimdor had made the choice to join the efforts on Argus. This was no easy decision, but with the wisdom of their allies from beyond the stars, their own hearts burning to end the Legion threat once and for all, the path was clear.

And so the Kalimdor Collective left for Argus, the great counter-attack on the many invasions plauging their beloved home.

Bonds are tested in these dire times and as light imbuded heroes, mortal protectors of the land of eternal starlight and fel stained avengers alike stand against the Legion - many still wonder, can we trust a hope?

Hello everyone!!

As you might notice, we have a new website banner thanks to the talents of our own Mirodill Dusksong! Be sure to thank him for the fantastic job he did in capturing the essence of KC in a wonderfully minimalist and striking style!


Recruitment remains open for now, so if you have any friends who have been considering joining, now is the time to apply! And that goes for anyone lurking here and wondering themselves. :) Recruitment will end soon, so be sure to try while there's time!

New Allied Guild channel!

We have set up a shared chat channel with our allied guilds, most notably the wonderful people of the Sha'tor! If you haven't joined yet, be sure to ask a guildie for the channel name so you can take part in cross guild events - be it RP, PvE, or even PvP! So far the channel has had great success! Everyone be sure to thank our great diplomat, ambassador, and "Builder of Relations" Ishdra - as well as Varistus for all their work!

If you are one of our current allied guilds, or would like to talk about becoming one, and would like to set up something similar, please contact us!

Special Notice

Please visit This link for details!

That's all for now, all you KCers stay awesome!

Much love,