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Telrien / Jun 15, 2017
Sands alone were not burning as the Collective left Tanaris. Passions between them, and within themselves, caused such hot blood to slither along their veins.

Some felt fooled, mislead. Others knew the bittersweet comfort of vindication. All wore disenchantment and judgment behind their countenance. The winds claimed all comfort, leaving only aridity. Not only in temperature, but in the temperaments among them.

Yet in this bleak corridor of thought and discourse, one thing became certain: The Collective would fare better in places of need. For the world, and for themselves. Robbed of general purpose, they turn their eyes to the front – to the Broken Shore.

The chapter turns, the past drying. Glints of an untapped determination appear in some, while others keep one hand on the pages, weary of what might come next.

Only a few things remain certain: Kalimdor has need of its Collective. The Collective has need to serve it.

And so they begin to join the assault upon the battered sands, the tainted rocks and withered desires.

Hello everyone!

KC is about to begin it's time on the Broken Shore! We have a few ideas in hand, of which some of you are already getting a small taste ;) But that is not all we have in store! Again – I can not say this enough – if you would like to submit ideas for the guild storyline or your character's own (or possibly both), go ahead and let one of us officers know.

Scheduling Changes

Hopefully most of you have noticed, but I would like to point out we have made some changes to what time we begin events. In the past we always began at 6:00PM Server Time. As our membership changed and grew, this became problematic to more members than helpful to others. With that in mind, we've bumped up (down?) our starting times to be a usual of 5:00PM Server. Please be sure to check the events to see when they begin!

And as always, please pay attention to the in-game calendar or the one here on the site. Ish and Miro put a good bit of effort into keeping those updated so you can be informed on what's happening with KC!

This goes with the “Guild Message of the Day” as well! Maesh does a wonderful job keeping it current, and it's the first place you will likely find any last minute changes or information.

Grave Robbers!

Coming up next Friday (6/23) we will begin raiding Tomb of Sargeras! This would be a good time to review our Raiding rules. As always, I will do my best to look up the fights and explain them as we go along – but it's never a bad idea to do some video-watching or reading up yourself!

Always remember, we raid for fun and to see content. This will be a brand new raid, so expect us to have some trouble. It will take a while for us to get the swing of it, so bring those auto-hammers and be ready for a wipe or fifteen!

Never forget that any questions, comments, and especially complaints and concerns can be brought to any of us officers at any time. Don't be afraid to speak your opinion, KC works because of you. :)

Much <3,