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Telrien / Aug 01, 2017

Our time on the Broken Shore has been trying yet fruitful. With our help there are now many that live that otherwise would have known death, or worse, under the Legion; As well as those who would know endless torment who now know peace. We have approached the front, we have fought alongside the devoted children of Kalimd Azeroth, and have suffered along them as well.

However, the time has come for us to shift ourselves towards a new threat. The armies of Legionfall are capable, but they can not be omnipresent. With the distressing evidence we have gathered along the crags and rags of the Shore, it is time for us to make our way to Azuremyst and Bloodmyst Isles - ancient home of the Dragon Riders of Loreth'Aran, and the current home of the refugees from the stars.

We shall gather in Darnassus, and then make our trip to Azuremyst to find camp. While we could stay at the Exodar itself, I think it best we not introduce possible conflict by having some of our more "unique" members within its... hull shell walls.

Telrien Rainwhisper

Hello KC!
Our IC on the Broken Shore has come to a close, which I'm sure more than most of you are quite happy about. (I don't blame you, it is a butt-ugly zone.) As we move on in our guild storyline, we will be setting up shop on Azuremyst Isle, so be ready to show off those non-flying mounts you rarely get to use!

Banner art contest!
If you have not seen so already, we are having an art contest to replace our current site banner. It's a tad bit outdated, and well beyond the time to replace it with something new. For more details, please visit this thread.

Recruitment is open once again!
Our referral-only requirement has been waived and we are now taking in all applications for recruitment. Be ready to see some new faces popping in!

That's all for now - and once again, thanks for being awesome, KC!